Which winder for a Rolex?

Which winder for a Rolex?

You have a luxury watch and you want to know which winder to use? Is it essential, is there any danger for the watches?
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You have a luxury watch and you want to know which winder to use? Is it essential, is there any danger for watches? When you own luxury watches, it is normal to be interested in watchmaking!

Welcome on Watch-Case! Today, our article is dedicated to all Rolex owners, but not only! Specialized in modern watchmaking, our team tries to answer a maximum of questions asked by our community!

When you have a large collection of watches, it is common for some automatic watches to stop and go out of order after several days without use. The winder allows the watch to continue the movement of the internal rotor and to constantly recharge its mechanism, so that it is ready to be worn at any time.

In this article, you will learn:

  • the functioning of a watch winder
  • the advantages of the automatic watch winder
  • the different types of watches
  • how to choose the ideal watch winder
  • how to protect your luxury watches

Enough talk, it's time to get started! ⌚ 

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What is a watch winder?

Just before we get interested in a watch winder for our Rolex, or any other luxury brand, it is interesting to know what a watch winder is! How does it work, what are the advantages..., questions that we could ask ourselves when we are interested in this kind of accessories for our little jewels.

How does it work?

The winding system is very simple to understand. When you wear automatic watches, whether mechanical or quartz, they stay on time thanks to a small internal rotor that keeps the watch on time. This small rotor is activated by the natural movement of the wrist! With an inertia movement, the small motor is constantly moving and recharging the mechanism.

When you are not wearing your watch, the mechanism will eventually discharge naturally. The length of time your watch will remain regulated is called the power reserve. When this is exceeded, the internal rotor will stop, and the hands and time will eventually freeze! The idea of the watch winder avoids this problem by constantly rotating the watch, mimicking the movement of the wrist, about 1500 to 2000 revolutions per day.

remontoir pour rolex oyster perpetualRolex Oyster Perpetual, one of the most famous Rolex

Advantages of a Watch Winder

The main advantage of winders is to prevent your watches from stopping. That's its basic purpose, actually... However, it's very interesting to know that it's safe for your watches! Watches, and the rotor in particular, are made to be in constant motion. When there is movement, the mechanism is oiled. In the long run, this even optimizes the durability of your watch! In addition, having a winder also protects your watch from dust or scratches.

Do I need a watch winder?

Here we are in the middle of the subject! What is important here is to know what kind of watch you have! Indeed, the choice of owning a winder depends directly on the way the mechanism of your watch works.

Mechanical Watch

In the world of watchmaking, and mainly watches, there are two families: mechanical watches and quartz watches! The mechanical watch is divided into two types, automatic watches and manual watches. We will see the quartz watch later, for now, let's focus on the sub-families of the mechanical watch.

Manual Watch

The manual watch, as its name indicates, has a mechanism, and therefore a winding, manual! You can easily recognize this kind of watch thanks to the small crown that you can wind by hand. It is the mechanical watch that has a relatively simple ingenuity. You wind the watch and it will give you the time during x time. Moreover, this type of watch is not known to be waterproof, due to the parts that unscrew. As you can imagine, the watch winder is useless for manual watches!

Automatic Watch

Automatic watches, on the other hand, have an automatic winding. As explained earlier, this type of watch requires a movement to operate. This movement comes mainly from your wrist when you wear your watch.

The false disadvantage of this watch is that it needs to be worn regularly to function permanently. This is problematic in the case where we have 5 or 6 automatic watches at home! This is where the idea of having a winder is interesting! It could allow the watch to give the time continuously without you having to wear it.

Quartz watch

The case of the quartz watch is a little bit particular. Their functioning is, indeed, completely different from mechanical watches! Where the latter draw their energy from the small internal disk that runs the wheels of the watch, the quartz watch draws its energy from an electrical impulse from the battery.

To put it simply, the watch has a quartz plate which has the property of oscillating at a stable frequency when the battery is running. The advantage of this is the extreme precision of the watch due to an electrical, not mechanical, operation, but also a more affordable price! Quartz watches can also have a digital display in addition to the analog display. This type of watch also does not need a watch winder. 

Which watchwinder for a Rolex?

Now you know that only automatic watches can require a watch winder! The question is, which watch winder do you need? We want to reassure you. If you don't own a Rolex, it won't change the truth of what we say! The title of this article refers to luxury watches, which are often used for watch winders. 

rolex submarinerRolex Submariner


Small or large collection?

On our store, you can choose between hundreds of different watchwinders! In order not to get lost, you have to focus on the criteria you need. The first thing to know is the number of watches you have OR plan to have! If you have a collection of 5 or 6 automatic watches, then we suggest you look for watchwinders with 8 slots.

It's important to keep a few slots open, because it's better to have extra slots than extra watches! You already know there's a good chance you'll fall for more timepieces and expand your collection in the future! Watch-Case has winders with up to 24 slots to fit as many of our customers as possible, in every possible profile.

Wood or leather ?

The choice of material for the watchwinder is also an important consideration. If you like vintage and luxurious designs with a solid look, wooden watchwinders should be very appealing to you! If you're more of a fan of sobriety and dark colors, why not look into leather watchwinders? It's all a matter of preference, neither material is better than the other. The only difference may be in the price where woodworking is more expensive than animal skin.


Secure your luxury watches!

If you own many high-end watches such as Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Vacheron Constantin or Jaeger-Lecoultre, it is highly recommended to secure them! For this, we offer you our watch winders with fingerprint locking! No need for a code or key, only you can open your precious box containing your favorite watches!

A true technological jewel, these secure watchwinders are an essential investment if your collection exceeds 5 digits. Equipped with a remote control, a touch screen, a silent motor, ... it is the ultimate in luxury watch winders!


No need for a watch winder? Protect your watches!

Now you know all about the watch winder! You know how essential it can quickly become when you have a large watch collection and you know which watch winder to choose. If you have a manual watch and you don't need a watch winder, you should be interested in getting one of our watch boxes! Having a luxury watch is great, but knowing how to maintain it is even better. If you don't know which box to choose, we offer you the most popular box for unique watches. You can discover it by clicking on the image just below! 👇 


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