How to recognize a fake Baume & Mercier watch? 

How to recognize a fake Baume & Mercier watch? What are the points to examine to avoid being scammed? Our experts tell you everything.

Buying a fake Baume & Mercier watch for the price of a real one, unfortunately, can happen quickly. Counterfeiters are constantly increasing their ingenuity to deceive luxury watch enthusiasts. In this article, we explain the elements that allow you to distinguish a fake accessory from a genuine watch.

Examine the movement to recognize a fake Baume & Mercier watch

Observing the movement of a watch is the most radical way to determine whether or not you are dealing with a fake.

This does require opening the watch, but if the seller has nothing to hide, this should not be a problem. If he does, chances are it's a bad imitation.

Here are the details to watch closely once you open a Baume & Mercier watch:

  • The brand. This is the first sign of authenticity. If the name is missing, it is surely a counterfeit;
  • The quality of the finishing of the screws. A luxury brand like Baume & Mercier will never market a watch with uneven or fancy shaped screws. These are indicators of counterfeiting;
  • Movement parts. On the majority of fake luxury watches, you will find rackets instead of a spiral balance;
  • The presence or not of bridges between the different mechanisms.

In addition, observe carefully the operation of the watch hands. A genuine luxury watch moves between 5 and 7 micro-movements per second. If you see only one micromovement, chances are it is a fake watch.

Whatever the watch you own, remember to systematically protect it in a watch case

The quality of the design

As a luxury brand, Baume & Mercier places great emphasis on the quality of the watches that leave its workshops. They are literally flawless.

To identify counterfeits, here are the points to look at closely:


Using a jeweler's loupe, examine the typography used on the different parts of the watch. Pay attention to the writing of the brand name, the model name, the numbers, as well as the lines.

If you notice, for example, a big difference between the writing of two numbers, it is surely a fake Baume & Mercier. Similarly, the lines on a real Baume & Mercier are all uniform. If some lines are thicker than others, you are probably dealing with a counterfeit. 

The finishes

To recognize a fake Baume & Mercier watch, look for any flaws on the case, index, bracelet, or hands. If you detect rough cuts or a light colored strap, it is not a good sign.

Similarly, Baume & Mercier NEVER markets a watch with a clasp that is too simple, or a bracelet with links that are not fluid. This would be very detrimental to its reputation as a luxury brand.

In addition, it is also recommended to examine each component of the watch separately. Some retailers replace certain parts of a genuine watch with fake ones. So take your time and look at each part carefully.

The features

On counterfeit watches, some features may be decorative. For example, on a fake Baume & Mercier 10082, the rangefinder, chronograph or second hand may not work. If you notice this, you can immediately conclude that it is a fake watch.

Similarly, if it's a moon phase watch like a genuine Classima 10633, you'll find that the date is synchronized, not the hour hand.

Also, try setting the time on the watch. If the item is genuine, and new to boot, the crown should be easy to manipulate and accurate.

The Tic-Tac, a 100% reliable indicator to recognize a fake Baume & Mercier watch 

The ticking is one of the surest indicators of a counterfeit watch.

Thanks to almost two centuries of know-how, all moving parts of Baume & Mercier watches are perfectly matched. An authentic Swiss watch will not tick at all. Its operation is completely silent.

So before you spend hundreds or thousands of euros, put the watch to your ear and listen carefully. The slightest ticking is proof of a counterfeit.

The weight of the watch

In order to offer its customers the best in watchmaking, Baume & Mercier uses precious metals in the making of its watches. As a result, they are slightly heavier than they appear.

If you are holding an oddly light watch, it is probably a fake. To be sure, you can compare the watch you are interested in with one that has been certified.

The sale price: beware of big discounts!

Authentic Baume & Mercier watches are relatively expensive. So, even if it is a promotion, it is illogical that a seller offers one for a few dozen euros. In almost all cases, it is a counterfeit. Don't be fooled.

Avoid sellers and stores that offer big discounts on their watches. If you see an opportunity that is too good to be true, trust your instincts. It's probably a scam.

The vendor's reputation, another important point to consider

Luxury watches are sold in prestigious boutiques on major avenues, not in local malls or convenience stores.

If you find a Baume & Mercier watch in your local store or in a small alley, it is probably a counterfeit. Do a little research on the Internet, read the store's reviews and you'll probably find out.

On the other hand, if you are going to buy online, look carefully at the site and pay attention to the following details:

  • Published photos: go to the official Baume & Mercier website and download the photos of the model you are interested in. Then compare them carefully with the ones used on the online store in question;
  • The domain name. It is common for counterfeiters to imitate the domain names of authorized sellers to deceive the vigilance of customers. If you look closely, you will see that it is not an official website, but an imitation with some serious mistakes;
  • The absence of legal notices;
  • Pages not provided: the "About Us" page for example;
  • The location of the site. Most counterfeiters' sites are located in Asia.

Ask for the certificate of authenticity and the guarantee 

Each Baume & Mercier watch comes with a certificate of origin and a warranty. Ask the seller to provide you with these. If he is not able to do so, it is obviously a counterfeit.

In addition, you can also search with the serial number of the watch. If it is really a genuine Baume & Mercier watch, you will have no trouble finding information about it on the Internet or directly from the brand's customer service. 

Get help from an expert to identify a fake Baume & Mercier watch

If, despite all the usual checks, you still have the impression that it is a fake Baume & Mercier watch, consult a watch specialist. He will be able to tell you if the watch is genuine. They will also be able to tell you if the price the seller has quoted is reasonable or not. 

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