How to choose your Rolex

How to choose your Rolex

Want to buy your first Rolex watch? You want to invest in order to make a profit? Discover the essential criteria in your choice.

Want to buy your first Rolex watch? You want to invest in the watch market in order to make a profit in the years to come? You really want to treat yourself without regretting your choice?

Well, we are experts on the subject, and we will give you all you need to know for this famous purchase.

The main criterion to know how to choose a Rolex is your appreciation. It all depends on your tastes, your sensitivity to the history of certain models, but also on its value on the market if you want to make a profit in the long run.

In this article, we will show you that the choice of your Rolex depends :

  • First of all, your sensitivity to the different models
  • Technical characteristics of the Rolex
  • But also your budget and the value of the watch

Without further ado, here are the indications that will be most useful to you

Choose your favorite rolex

rolex explorer

Let's start at the beginning. For most of us, choosing a Rolex depends on several subjective criteria. Here's what we consider:

History of the watch

The history of the watch reflects its DNA. That's what we love most about owning a Rolex. Discover the history of the Daytona and enjoy the history of the famous Submariner.

When you buy your Rolex, remember to protect it in a watch case.

Rarity and technology of the rolex

Moreover, not all models are equal, depending on their date of creation, some watches have technical characteristics that others do not.

For example, the rolex submariner has a version with and without date, the materials of creation having evolved with time, the mark gave birth to new editions, which reinforced the rarity of the old Rolex but also develop the fame of the mark in these technological advances.

Choose your rolex according to its value on the market

cours rolex

If you want to buy a Rolex in order to make a nice capital gain in the years to come, take an interest in the price of watches, Rolex being one of the brands, if not THE brand to lend itself best to the world of investment.

It is important to look at the current price of the watches you are targeting so you don't buy at the wrong time.

To choose a rolex according to its value, check its price on the vintage market, but also on the standard market. Learn to recognize the most popular watches, those that will gain maximum value over the years. In general, the watch market has been growing for over 20 years.

Choose your rolex according to your budget

buy a rolex

The budget is obviously an important criterion, but we do not consider it to be the main one.

Of course, if you want to jump on a bargain, that you found a real Rolex Explorer at a price 20% below the market. Your budget will be a decisive factor in getting your watch.

But watches are, by essence, timeless objects. They will wait for you, and will never go out of fashion. Once you are sure of your choice, all you have to do is save up little by little until the long awaited purchase.

Now you know which selection criteria you should take into account when buying your future Rolex.

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