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Looking for a gift for your loved ones? Looking to store your watches efficiently? You are tired of seeing your watches lying around?

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The watch is an undisputed accessory for men. Indeed, watches have long been a symbol of virility and fashion for men.
When a man owns one or more watches, it is obvious that a storage adapted to his precious objects is a great plus.

Whether you are looking for a watch box for your companion, a friend, or for yourself, we invite you to visit our collection dedicated to men. You will find a selection of wooden watch boxes, but also leather and carbon. We have separated some watch boxes from their respective collections to integrate them in the special men's section. Over the years, we have asked all our customers for whom their purchase would go. As a result, we have made a selection of special items for you gentlemen.

Display Watch Case

Watches are exceptional pieces of jewelry that we recommend you to display proudly in your home. For that, there is nothing like a watch case with a display window to show them off.

You will discover on our collection page a unique repertoire of watch boxes with beautiful display cases.

Your watches will be visible at a glance and beyond the aesthetic aspect that will sublimate your home, the boxes with a display case also have a practical aspect, since you can see from afar the watch you want to wear and avoid opening the box before making your choice.

Our showcase boxes are listed by material, but also by number of slots. When browsing the collection page, feel free to search via tags for your preferences. You will find a wide selection of watch boxes in wood, leather, but also in carbon fiber. Whether you are looking for an authentic, rustic or modern product, you will find everything you are looking for in this collection of watch boxes with display cases.

Watch Winder

You own one or more automatic watches, or you want to offer a watch winder to someone who owns one? Our watch winder collection will be made for you.
A real decorative accessory, the watch winders allow you to keep your precious luxury watches on time.

We offer a wide range of models, whether you prefer the design models in lacquered wood or more discrete models with a small display case, search our dedicated collection available directly on the menu.


Some people have the bad habit of winding their mechanical watch manually. This can damage your clock, in addition to requiring time and energy. Using a winder is much more convenient, especially if you have several watches! It will automatically wind your watches without you having to worry about it.

A watch winder is easy and simple to use. You won't have to worry about setting your watches. The case will naturally take care of it. Using a watch winder can also extend the life of your watches thanks to its specially designed automatic movement. In addition, owning these accessories gives more design to your desk, or other furniture. Some watchwinders, in fact, have a style that allows them to be used as a piece of interior decoration in their own right. So if you are a watch lover, such a watch box is the best way to take care of, but also to expose your collection to your friends and guests!


The power reserve of your automatic watch can, depending on the model in your possession, quickly run out. 24 to 48 hours is the mechanical energy autonomy of your watch! However, you can overcome this problem with an object specially designed for this problem. All collectors are equipped with one! If you have decided to opt for a watch winder or if you are hesitating, here is some useful information about these remarkable watch boxes.

An accessory like the automatic watch requires frequent and repetitive movement from your wrist. When you are not wearing it, the watch winder will perform this action for you by automatically producing rotary movements. Watchwinders can be powered in several ways. Some are battery powered, while others are mains powered. However, there are watch winders that use both types of power. However, rest assured, these winding devices use very little power.


Are you looking for a case that protects your watches when you're on the go?

You are in the right place, we have selected for you the best cases for your watches so that you always protect them from shocks and scratches.

In this section you will discover :

  • Why a case is essential when traveling
  • How to best protect your watches

This collection of products will no longer hold any secrets for you. Let's get to the heart of the matter.

Traveling with your watches thanks to a suitable case

A travel case is undoubtedly the essential piece to protect your watches when you travel. In the following lines, you will discover the main advantages of this product that watch enthusiasts are so fond of.

Practicality. To begin with, a watch case is much more practical than a box. Much more compact, it allows you to save a maximum of space and to store your collection much more easily in a bag or a suitcase without leaving your watches lying around.

Discreet. No need to make a big deal of it, a watch holder is still a very popular accessory for men. Ideal for not scratching your watches, they have the particularity of taking up very little space, yet this accessory remains beautiful when observed.


The best way to protect your timepieces when not in use is to store them either in a nice watch box or in a compact case. The latter, ideal for travel, will keep your entire collection safe.

There are many different styles of watch box and you will find a wide range of choices in this collection to suit your needs.

Here are the different aspects of a good watch case:

The material. Generally we find watch box in two different materials. First of all, the most famous are the leather cases. Ideal to cross the times with your watches, this timeless material is very appreciated by collectors. We also find many carbon cases, very fashionable in recent years, these cases offer a more modern style to store your watches.

The closure

Generally you will have the choice between two types of closures.

Zippers the most conventional. They allow you to keep your watches securely inside and not let them escape.

There are also watch Boxes that close with straps. Less conventional, these cases are perfect for backpackers who travel with a simple backpack. The kits will allow you to store your watches in the most compact way possible.

The number of slots

Of course, you need to know how many watches you are taking with you on your adventures! On our collection you will discover a wide range of products sortable by number of slots thanks to the product filter at the top of the page.


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